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Online Audits give you an unbiased outsiders view.

Let us help identify any issues and give you reccomendations for improvement.

We can all be biased to our own ideas...

Sometimes its better to have someone else check your work and use their opinions, We can help.

Who's better to use than the people developing sites and helping businesses build / improve their social media pages for a living?

Due to our knowledge and experience in these fields we felt we could offer a service for those already set up online but feel they still dont have enough presence, our online audits are designed to check the normal areas that need improvement on most websites and social pages.


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Website Audit
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Social Audit
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Our Amazing Team

Meet the members making your products amazing.

picture of logan the CEO of LJ Logik

Logan Johnson

CEO of LJ Logik

Emily Scarlett

Lead Designer

Maya Garcia

Lead Advertiser

We look forward to supplying you with all your online design and marketing needs.

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